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Hi Maria,

Thank you so much for looking after Jammie and Dodger while we were on holiday for the week! Normally I am uncomfortable leaving them with strangers but it quickly became apparent how loved and totally spoiled they would be in your care! The choice of indoor and outdoor housing was fantastic, and the fact that Dodger sprawled out in the hay while Jammie raced through her new tunnels reassured me that they too were very happy with the arrangement.When I came back you had moved them to the just as large hutch with the covered run like you said you planned to in your update text so that they could have additional exercise despite the rubbish weather and they looked like they loved it! I really appreciated the thought and care that both you and Rob put in to looking after Jammie and Dodger, and the regular updates of how they were settling in really helped me relax on my holiday. The little ball you bought especially for them to play with while we were gone was also extremely thoughtful and I don’t think we could have found that level of care provided by any other bunny sitter in this area or further – we will definitely be booking with you again in the future!

Thank you so much again!
Natalie, Marc, Jammie & Dodger

PS. Jammie & Dodger have been sitting in their carrier case more often since we got them back…i’m convinced they think they will be taken on their holidays to St Ives again if they sit in there long enough!

Lizzie and Pierre 

Hi Maria,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after Biscoui while we were away! It being the first time we left him on his own, we were a little worried about him, but you took great care of him the updates were fantastic and much appreciated. It definitely made our day hearing how you won him over and took such good care of him. We wouldn’t hesitate to use you again, the service was great and you obviously care a lot about animals.
Thank you very much,
Lizzie, Pierre, Biscoui and the fish

Rosalind and Philip 

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for always taking such great care of Louis, when we’re away for the day. He’s always so pleased to see you, and clearly enjoys his walks.
And thank you for looking after Simba whenever we go on holiday. It’s so much better than taking him to a Cattery, and it’s lovely to know that you make a fuss of him. I’m sure he gets much less stressed as a result.
You feel like part of our family, and we trust you 100% and can’t recommend you highly enough!

Beth Robison

Hi Maria. Just wanted to say how thankful I am to you for looking after my two guinea pigs (Ginny and Pippa) while me and my partner went away! Having never left them before I was naturally quite nervous but as soon as we arrived you put me at ease and after a good old natter I had no concerns! You clearly care for all your animals very well and it was lovely being able to go away and not worry about them Your texts were also very reassuring! I was very happy with the size of their cage and I can tell that they received lots of attention and cuddles from you (while you also had some licks from ginny!). I was also very grateful that you agreed to feed them fresh veggies at the times they are used to being fed at home (the fatties). You really do run a brilliant one of a kind service and I am so glad that I have found you! Ginny and Pip will definitely be having more holidays with you in the future
Thanks again, Beth, Adam, Ginny and Pippa xx

Noelene Harding

Hi Maria. Thank you so much for looking after our bunnies (Benji and Coco). It was great going away for a week and not worrying about whether or not they were being looked after well. I could see that you totally enjoy looking after our little gems, caring for them as if they were your own. They were very upbeat when I came back and looked very settled. I liked the fact that you made allowances re their diet (what they were use to and liked) and we will definitely see you next time we go away. Thanks for all your good tips! From the Hardings + Cocobuns and Benji

Catie Harrison

Thank you so much for caring for my two guinea pigs! It was so nice to be able to go away and know that they would be looked after. When I collected them they looked so healthy and happy, and it was brilliant to recieve a reassuring messaging during their stay letting me know how they were doing. Cages were a large size, and they were given cuddles & play time every day. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I meet, and i’m sure my piggies will be visiting again soon

Thank you,
Catie, Carl, Pug & Patch


Dear maria,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Goofy whilst i was away on holiday. Thank you also for the wee text you sent to say how settled Goofy was- I was worried he wouldn’t want to leave the new friends he made!!!! Anyone who meets you can see how much you love animals and he was so well cared for. Will use again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Goofy says thank you for the treats and sorry to keep you awake tearing newspaper!!

Dawn, John and Goofy xxxxx


Hi Maria
Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave Theo while I was on holiday. The time you took to chat to me both when I dropped off and again when I collected Theo as well as the settling in text really put me at ease and I knew he was in safe hands, meaning I could relax and enjoy my holiday without worrying about Theo.
Theo wanted me to tell you thank you for the treats and nose rubs and he hopes to see you again
I’ll definetly be recommending you to friends/family and be contacting you for Theo’s next holiday. Thank you again.
Donna and Theo x

Angela Jupp

Dear Maria, thankyou so much! We came home to a very happy bunny We will be sure to recommend you to all our pet loving friends.
Angela xx

Kate and Jessica

Thank you so much for looking after Ben and Jerry (chinchillas) while we were away. It was really reassuring to know that we had somebody who knew about their specific requirements looking after them, and who was so thorough making sure every eventuality was covered. It was great to know that you took the time to let them out every night if they wanted a run. The texts through the week were a lovely touch and we were grateful to know all was well. We would definitely recommend you to others who need their pets looking after. Thank you sooooo much.

Marie and Chloe

A huge thank you for taking such good care of Mrs Squiggles…and for all the great tips you gave Chloe on handling her. The stay with you has done her good and we have a very chilled hammy in the house now! …….Thanks again x

Elaine and Grace

Thank you so much for taking on our ratties at such short notice. We enjoyed our holiday knowing they were in very safe and capable hands. The cage they had was perfect and you managed to keep them cool and happy in the heatwave. You are now our petsitter and we will be very happy to recommend you

Tim and Chrissie

Thank you for looking after our guinea pigs, Millie and Moomin, while we were away. I think their eyes lit up when they saw the size of the hutch! When we picked them up, they seemed very relaxed and happy, and the text message you sent us to let us know how they were getting on meant that we could be relaxed and happy too! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Verena & Adrian

Hi Maria
thanks for looking after Toby and Bandit whilst we were away. It was really nice to get a message to say how they were and great to know that they were in good hands and having a lovely time. Thanks again.


Hi Maria, just wanted to say a big thank you to you for looking after lettuce for me, I could tell from the moment i met you,you have a very special love for rabbits and felt very happy leaving Lettuce with you while we were away. Im sure he will visit patterpaws again in the future. I think he missed bobby and his other chums when he came home. I will certainly recommend you to anyone i know that may need their pets looking after. Thanks again .

Joe & Jo

Thank you Maria for looking after us when our people went on holiday.
I think we had a better holiday than them!
We loved our hutch and the garden pen. It was really nice to be able to squeak with the other guinea pigs as I am on my own now and still miss my pal pudding. Dolphin is very cuddly but as he’s just a soft toy he doesn’t do much, even so, you looked after him too! I think we will be coming again, I heard our people saying they didn’t worry one bit about us because you let them know we were settled in a txt. See you next time,
love from Pig and Dolphin


Thanks to Maria for looking after my rabbit for me, she seemed to have enjoyed her time with you. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable home from home.


Hi Maria, Thankyou so much for looking after my rabbits and guinea pigs when I went away for a week. They had really nice houses and were looked after really well. This is the first time I’ve boarded them so it was really nice to receive a text letting me know how they were doing. I will definitely be boarding the rabbits and guinea pigs again.

Thank you Laura


Hi Maria, thank you for looking after us while our mummy was away. You fed us, groomed us and gave us lots of cuddles! We love you and can’t wait to see you again!
Love Lily and Emily

penny bozier

We boarded our 2 Netherlands dwarf bunnies with Maria for 5 days and when we collected them they were happy and very well looked after. We are very pleased and have booked them in again. Also the text message we received whilst we were away telling us how the bunnies were was very nice to receive.

Jenny & Andrew

A big thank you to Maria and Rob for looking after Buzz and Woody while we were away. Maria is very friendly and experienced in looking after small animals and we wouldn’t hesitate in letting Patterpaws look after our pets again. Buzz and Woody enjoyed their stay very much and are missing all their newfound furry friends. We could not have chosen anyone better to look after them.

Louise Floate

Our rabbit mopsy received five star treatment with maria while we were away on holiday. She is very experienced and obviously loves animals and treats them all as if they were her own. After using other places to board our rabbit we will only be using patterpaws in the future. Thank you maria for looking after him so well.


Hi Maria,
Thank you for looking after our rabbit Splodge, she came home very chilled out and looked like she had been on her own mini break, we definately recommend you to anyone looking for a home from home for their family members who can’t accompany the rest of the family on their break. The settling in text was lovely to receive for our young pet owner.
Maria is highly recommended by us as our best bunny boarding experience , and we have had a number in recent years, i’m sure Splodge is looking forward to being looked after again.

Wendy Law

Thanks very much for looking after my guinea pigs, Tessa and Ginny. It was lovely to leave them in such a knowledgeable and caring environment, not having to worry about them at all while I was away. I’m sure they are looking forward to staying again and I will be recommending Patterpaws to everyone I know!


Thank you for looking after Georgie rabbit when we went away, we know she is a live wire! It’s great peace of mind to know how well she is looked after, I think she is looking forward to her next holiday already! I have no hesitation in recommending Maria and Rob.

Dawn Fisher

Hi Maria,

Thank you for looking after me while my humans were on holiday. I have not had a very good time recently after my mate died and I have been very lonely. My humans were worried about going away and leaving me but they could not have chosen someone better to look after me.

I enjoyed having time both indoors and outside, like I do at home. I think it put their minds to rest when you sent them a text message to say I was alright.

I was great to stay with someone who knows and loves bunnies as much as my humans.

I enjoyed staying with you and hope to come back again soon.

Chloe Fisher

The Bonnett family

Dear Maria,
Thank you so much for taking good care of our gerbils Sootie and Roxy. Your text message to tell us how they were doing made us more relaxed and we could enjoy our holiday without worrying about them. I am sure they were very happy with you and also to have some other furry friends around. They will definitely come and stay with you again.

Rocky, Tommy & Fish

We had a great holiday when our owners went away – 5 star treatment. We played games like “find me if you can” (Tommy) and “run away from Rob when it’s time to go in my hutch” but nothing phased him!!
Thanks and hope our family go away again soon so we can have more fun with you!
Rocky Rabbit and the Gang xxx

Sarah & Steve

Thank you both so much for looking after the hens and bunnies again, it’s so good to know that they are being looked after by such caring people. We’ll definately leave the cats at home for you to look after next time – no more ‘cat prison’ for them!

Mark and Michelle

A huge thank you to Maria and Rob for taking care of our small furries whilst we went away. We have not had a holiday in 8 years due to not having anyone to take care of them but then we found Maria and I can honestly say we did not worry once and enjoyed our break away, she sent texts to update us on how they were and we came back to happy, relaxed animals, we will use her again and again and would recommend her to everyone
Thank you again for being as passionate about our pets as we are, you are a star

sarah & lee

Thank you Maria for looking after my daughter Sophie’s 2 mini lop bunnies Mole & Otter, while we had a weeks holiday. You reassured us with text messages while away, and both seem to had settled in really well. Would certainly recommend you. I’m sure Mole & Otter will be back again next year for a holiday.
Many Thanks,
Sarah, lee, Josh & Sophie, and a big thanks from Mole & Otter!.

Shocky,Elvis & Gizmo

Our 3 guinea pigs had a great time with Maria for the week. When we collected them at the end of the holiday they were clearly happy and settled. I would not hesitate to recommend Patterpaws. Maria clearly has a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to animals. I am sure it will not be long before they are back for another holiday in St. Ives!

Ann Smith

I am so grateful for the care that you gave Starsky and Hutch (my autistic son’s pet rats) whilst we were recently on holiday. He missed them very much so it was fantastic to receive your email about how they had settled in with you. My son then settled into his holiday. He was delighted to receive more emails from you telling him about what his rats Starsky and Hutch had been doing with you on their holiday whilst we were on ours.

The time you gave to us when introducing Starsky and Hutch to their holiday home was brilliant. We were all reassured with our questions answered and you had really positive suggestions: particularly about leaving some clothing smelling of Nathan to stop Starsky and Hutch pining for him. Dropping Starsky and Hutch off (which I had been dreading) and saying goodbye at the start of our holiday went really very well.

With rats it is essential that they are played with and handled daily. It is the first thing that Nathan does when he gets home from school and he will not leave the house without saying goodbye by stroking each of them, so we needed someone who would give time to Starsky and Hutch each day and be comfortable with physically handling them. Maria at Patterpaws took excellent care of them and Nathan was delighted to say hello when the holiday ended. Starsky and Hutch had obviously been handled and played with so they readily accepted Nathan-he was delighted.
What had Starsky and Hutch got out of their holiday? Smells from the other holiday makers-rabbit,chinchillas and the resident cat and dog made Starsky and Hutch give a high priority to assiduously marking their territory persisting in this for a while after their holiday. They definitely came back livelier, more inquisitive and with a greater determination to explore absolutely everywhere at home:in short they had a good holiday too!

We will be happy to send our sociable rats away to Patterpaws for more holidays where they were so lovingly made welcome.
Kind regards
Ann Smith

Heather Wood

I would thoroughly recommend Patterpaws. Duke, our rabbit, was very well looked after. Maria is friendly and helpful and provides great customer service. It was clear that Duke received excellent care. It was reassuring to receive a text update to confirm that he had settled in well. I will definitely use Patterpaws next time we go away.

Celinia Phillips

We wanted our two rats, April & Susan to be cared for, handled and acknowledged while we went away on holiday over the New Year Period as it’s important to their development so when we discovered Maria at Patterpaws our prayers were answered! There was a very cosy welcome waiting for them both when we dropped them off with lots of food waiting for them and promised treats wrapped and hidden for them to enjoy throughout the week. They were so comfortable they sometimes didn’t appear from underneath their blanket at all until Maria came to socialise with them! The text we received gave us reassurance we’d made the right decision to leave them with her which made our holiday more enjoyable. I wouldn’t hestitate in recommending Maria at all and can only encourage others with small animals looking to board to book up early to avoid any disappointment! Thank you ever so much Maria, Celinia & Paul.


Thank you so much for your care of tink. Your great to deal with her querky personality traits. She really has been in great hands and is missing all tha attenton already. Thanks for the text too. Hope we get to see you again soon.
amy x

Jane Heath

Maria, thank you very much for providing such good care for our four guinea pigs while we were on holiday. The texts were very helpful. I hope that they will be able to come and stay again next time we go away.

Jane Eleanor Joel and Sean


Thankyou Maria for looking after our very ‘particular’ Syrian hamster and administering her eye drops in our absence. The frequent ‘update’ texts were especially reassuring.
Amber’s holiday has now left her pining for Heathcliff ! (Maria’s hammy !)

Daphne and Spencer

Thank you so much for looking after us, Maria! We had a lovely time, and wish we could have met your new puppy
Daphne and Spencer x

Leanne and Andrea

Maria and Rob have looked after our menagerie (bunnies, cat and fish) regularly for the last year. They have even nursed one of our bunnies through some very poorly times. There is no-one else we would have felt comfortable entrusting them to. Going away when you have an unwell pet can be so stressful but we know we don’t need to worry as we can always trust them to care for them like they were their own and keep us updated! Amazing service from two lovely people xx

Lucy Chapman

Thanks so much for looking after my two bunnies Benjamin and Bernard. We have had mixed experiences at other places over the years but my boys were totally relaxed and happy when I came to pick them up. In fact I think they had been a bit spoiled, lucky boys! Maria’s text message while we were away was great for a nervous owner like me who worries. I wouldn’t hesistate to use patter paws again and I will recommend you as well.

Lucy xx Benjamin and Bernard

Lesley Willimas

Thanks so much for looking after Bunny and Patter. They were obviously very well looked after and great to find someone who loves our pets as much we do.

Sue,Alan,Nic & James

Well you have done it again!! I have two pets with the holiday blues not wanting to come home after a week of such good loving care. AJ and Charlie have had a great time with you, thank you so much.
We will get in touch the next time we are all away.


I would just like to say a big thank you to Maria for looking after Fernando, my chinchilla. During my time away she sent me text messages to let me know how he was doing. Will definitely use her again as she is a really friendly lady and I know that Fernando enjoyed his time eating lots of her raisins! Thanks again, Frances x

Mag, Mak and Mor

Rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs… no problem.

But we’re rats! And we are lovely, too, but not everyone appreciates us ” (come and meet us at Cambridgeshire Rat Club – no bravery required, honest). So where do we go on holiday? Maria’s, of course! She plays ” with us, which is very important for us rats, feeds us all sorts of yummy things ” (as well as our proper food, of course), and texts our owners to reassure them we’re happy.

So, thoroughly recommended, but please don’t book when we want a holiday, we don’t know where else we’d go…
Magnus, Makuta and Moriarty

Patricia Murray

This is the first time we have used Patter Paws and we are extremely impressed with all aspects of care our two guinea pigs received, including the pedicure! We also greatly appreciate the professionalism and customer care shown to us by Maria. We will certainly be using Patter Paws again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Thank you very much! Patricia, Neil and Kit

Alison Glenn

We have just collected our guinea pigs Maisie and Millie and our hamster Shrek from a two week stay at Patter Paws and what a great holiday they have had! They have returned home very relaxed and content and have obviously been very well fed and cared for. We were also given some useful advice and tips regarding their care. I would definitely recommend ‘Patter Paws’ without hesitation and will certainly be using them again. A lucky find! Thank you Marie

Sam and Mark

Thank you so much for looking after Kidney Bean, Squirt and Squeak, Murtyle, Miffy and Sandy while we were away – we had a worry free holiday knowing that they were well cared for. We were very impressed with your professional service and attention to detail, and know that the guins will look forward to coming to stay again with you soon when we next go away (hopefully the grass will have had time to recover :-)!). Sam & Mark xxx

Ann & Alex Storey

We have a Border Collie and if we need some dog walking,etc, who are we going to call, Maria and Rob (alias Patter Paws), as they are so caring, trustworthy and reliable. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are full of enthusiasm.
Thanks Maria & Rob and we will be calling you again!
Ann, Alex and of course, Orion xxx

Muneni and Si

We have been using Patterpaws for a month now and we cannot put into words how happy we are with everything Rob and Maria do. We have complete trust in them with our dog and cat, nothing is ever too much trouble and they completely go the extra mile, we now dont know what we would do without them and if our pets could speak we know they would say the same. We cannot recommend Patterpaws enough, a thoroughly trustworthy, reliable, loving, professional and friendly service and we honestly feel when our pets are in their care they are looked after as if one of their own.
Muneni, Si and of course Buddy xxx and Rocky xxx

Claire Jefferey

We feel so lucky to have Maria walk Monty – she loves him and looks after him like he is her own! Monty can’t wait for his daily walks and hugs. It’s so great for us to have somebody we can rely on and who always turns up with a smile – regardless of the weather (rain, snow, gails …. the lot!). Thank you s0000 much, Maria. Claire, Tim, Zoe, Monty (and Irene, of course) xxxxxxx

The Macgregors

Our two house-trained rabbits are used to the very best of food, fun and cuddles at home – so they settled in for their week at Patter Paws perfectly! Maria clearly took great care of our bunnies, as they came home again looking happy and healthy – and slightly reluctant to leave…
As regards the boarding itself, the bunnies were indoors, in spacious pens bedded with straw and newspaper and with the opportunity to stretch their legs around the room during the day. This was a great improvement on our previous bunny-boarders, who were on a much more industrial scale and consequently housed all their animals, even those used to the warmth of a heated room, in a wooden shed. Patter Paws, however, were able to attend to every last preference of our rather fussy rabbits, which include ‘being loved’ and this is exactly what makes it the perfect home from home!
Thanks ever so much to Maria for taking such good care,
Callum, Jenny and James

Becky Meehan

I could not believe my luck when I came across Patter Paws. They are not only trustworthy and professional but also very kind and very geniune. It makes all the difference when you are away knowing that someone like Maria is looking after your pets (in our case two cats who love fuss and food). A fantastic service! Thank you I will certainly be ringing again soon.

Sarah Mead

Thank for looking after Pip and Rocket. It was good to know they were being looked after so well while we were away, the children were particularly pleased to get the reassuring text message mid-week “. Will check our holiday dates for the summer and be in touch.

Many thanks


Hi Maria, just wanted you to know Tigger, Dopey, Henry, Crystal and Sheila love coming to stay at yours which gives me great peace of mind whilst im away knowing they are staying some place great. Guess what..Now my Mum and Dads rabbits are coming to stay at yours too!!! Take Care and see you in April!!

J Mansley

Thanks so much for looking after our two shy rabbits over christmas and New Year. We had a worry free holiday as we knew they were in very safe hands. Maria went beyond the call of duty in spending time with them and giving them much needed cuddles for the two weeks we were away. We were also delighted to have found someone who can collect and return the rabbits to us. A real 5 star service! Thank you

Sue, Alan, Nic & James

This was AJ and Charlie’s first visit with Marie and I am sure will not be the last. They both have the holiday blues now they are back home!! Thank you for taking such good care of them both, we would be happy to recommend your services to friends and family.

Graeme Hood

Been using Patterpaws for a while now to look after our 2 puppies while we are away diving. They have a great time, not sure they even miss us The text messages are a reassurance during the day. And to come home to sleepy happy dogs is a blessing in disguise!
Totally reliable and happy to recommend their services to anyone.
Graeme (St. Ives)

Lisa and Sean

We booked Meg (bunny) in just as you launched your website, which was great timing as our former bunny sitter was moving away. Meg came home looking like she’d had a great time – and learnt to text while she stayed with you! We appreciated the happy anniversary message while we were away – didn’t realise she cared! Thanks Marie. All the best, Lisa & Sean

Marie Johnstone

It’s a relief to me to know that my 2 chinchillas and my very shy tabby cat are all in very good hands when I go away. My cat Fizz is painfully shy so needs very careful and loving handling which is exactly what you provide with your cat sitting – thank you so much because now i can go on holiday without any of the stress of wondering how my pets are – I know they’re loving every minute of the holiday they get with you Thank you, Marie

Heather & Richard

We have used Patter Paws for a long time to look after our 2 cats whenever we go away for holidays, they let them out as well as feeding them and \”sit\” with them every evening and are totally reliable. Thanks you are brilliant we wouldn’t trust anyone else!!!!

Mrs Harding

Thank you ever so much for looking after Lottie – she was well looked after! I found the txt mid-week a great comfort to let me know she was alright.
Im sure lottie looks forward to staying with you again!
Kind Regards
Mrs Harding

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6 comments on “Testimonials

  1. Humes Family says:

    Hi Maria,
    Big thanks for looking after our two rabbits, Kit and Millie, for a week while we went on holiday. They are very much a part of our family so we wanted to ensure they were kept safe and sound and I am pleased to say that was very much the case. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone out there that if they have small pets they want looking after Maria is definitely the person for it !. Text messages while away just adds to the service. Next time we go away this is where Kit and Millie are coming.

    Thanks very much Humes family

  2. Clare Reid says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you so much for looking after Cookie & Brownie for us while we were away for two weeks. From the moment I met you I knew they would be well looked after and that I could go away on holiday not worrying about them. You clearly love what you do. We even got an update and video of them while we were away 🙂 When I came to pick them up it was instantly apparent how happy and relaxed they had been with you. Our rabbits are house rabbits and go outside in a run on nice days. It was lovely that Maria was able to offer a home from home set up for them.
    I will definitely be recommending you to other people and look forward to using you again in the future.

    Many Thanks
    The Reids, Cookie & Brownie

  3. Vicki says:

    Hi Maria,
    just wanted to thank you and Rob for the fantastic job you do looking after our rabbits. We recommend boarding our pets with you. So much so that we have boarded our rabbits with you for seven years ( although sadly now not the original one), always knowledgeable and friendly we know our pets are in safe hands and they come back chilled and very contented . The settling in text is still much appreciated, and knowing you can deal with specific diets and other issues is important so we can enjoy our break while knowing they are well taken care of. Many thanks we hope to continue using you for years to come. Vicki and family.

  4. Rosie Burke says:

    Hi Maria,
    I just wanted to say thank you for taking such great care of Sock and Choux whilst we were on holiday. They absolutely love staying with you, so much so I’m not sure they want to come home!

    I really appreciated you letting us know mid week that everything was okay. You can tell there is a lot of love put in to your work and it really shows in your care of the animals who board with you.

    We will be boarding them with you time and time again.

    Many thanks,
    Rosie & Jack

  5. Caroline says:

    I always feel safe in the knowledge that my guineapigs are happy and cared for whenever I leave them with Maria. They are well looked after with a nice large hutch, time in a grass run and fresh vegetables, which gives me piece of mind whenever I go away. Crunchie and Scampy are looking forward to their next holiday at Maria’s!
    Many thanks,
    Caroline & the pigs

  6. sarah smith says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Maria and Rob for looking after our cat at short notice. It was very reassuring to know that she was being so well looked after through the regular updates while we were away. We know that she was far more relaxed being in her own environment rather than a cattery. We would certainly recommend you and use you again in the future.
    Many thanks again.
    Sarah, Ian and Izzie

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